Wright Building

 Frank Richie | TRANSWESTERN | Senior Associate | Direct: 612.359.1674 | Mobile: 612.616.4769

The Wright Building has the following Office Spaces available for Leasing:  

1.  1,051 square feet, $1,487.50 per month, Third Floor. ($17 per square foot). This space is next to #2, and could be combined with it for a total of 5,652 square feet.

2.   4,601 square feet, $6,901.50 per month, Third Floor ($18 per square foot). Sink.

3.   1,075 square feet, $1,433.33 per month, Third Floor ($16 per square foot).  Expandable to 3,597 square feet (at $16 sf for total of $4,796/m).

4.   1233 square feet, $1,746.75 per month, Fourth Floor. ($17 per square foot).

5.    TINY OFFICE on Second Floor available, 250 square feet.  NO WINDOWS!  $550 per month. 

6.  1,057 square feet on Fourth Floor.  Current tenant looking for a sublease.

Price per square foot is "gross," with standard utilities and routine cleaning included. 

Three Year Leases include new carpet and paint. One month deposit required upon signing. Limited Garage Parking available as extra rental for $50 per slot.

Floor plans available upon request at: dowwright@commodoresquashclub.com

Please call John O'Brien at 651-644-6300  for Building Matters, and Frank Richie of Transwestern 612-359-1674 for Leasing Information.  The above prices do not reflect Tenant Broker Commissions.